Let Roller Chopper do the work for you!


Roller Chopper outperforms its competition in the following ways:

  • Efficiency - Rather than burying the topsoil, the Roller Chopper works by rolling over the soil. This process allows the tractor that pulls the renovator to move as fast as the ground allows. The faster the tractor can work, the more acreage can be covered.

  • Savings - The spiral design of the renovator blades allows the tractor to move more smoothly compared to plows, chisels and disks. Less resistance means less maintenance, better fuel efficiency and increased longevity for your tractor.

  • Safety - The Roller Chopper is safe to use around cattle, eliminating the need to remove livestock from your land while operating.

  • Land Preservation - The renovators do not turn over the soil, allowing the existing seeds to germinate and the organic matter stay on the top. This is preferable to other methods that turn over the soil and bury the seed at a depth that will not allow them to germinate. The Roller Chopper leaves the seeds close to the surface so that they are allowed to germinate properly. Additionally, the Roller Chopper does not damage existing grass or expose roots.


The Single Drum Model

Single Drum.JPG

The Single Drum Model is perfect for smaller properties: providing safe aeration, brush control, water retention, erosion protection and invasive species control.

The Tandem Drum Model

Tandem back large.jpg

Looking for an all in one option – this unit is unbeatable. The Tandem Drum Model features the same great benefits as the Single Drum Model but is fit for larger acreage. This unit is ideal for brush, shrubs and smaller tree control, as well as ground preparation for crops.

The Chopper Blade

Chopper Blade close.JPG

The Chopper Blade is designed for brush, shrub and weed control. The unit is also ideal for water retention projects.